Wouldn't it be great if there were a church...

...that truly welcomes all people regardless of religious background, age, race or sexual orientation?

...that is grounded in a long and amazing history yet embraces current forms of inspiration and the cultivation of soul?

...that refuses to concede the Bible to mean-spirited and literal-minded interpretations and instead holds up the clarion calls for compassion and justice we hear in the scriptures?

...that encourages people to bring their whole selves to a service on Sundays and not simply check their brains at the door?

...with a long history of working for social change that actually speaks to the major issues of the day?

Well, there is a church like this, and we invite you to come check out our services and programs.

Welcome to the First Church in Salem!

Universally Accessible and Universally Welcoming! 

The First Church in Salem, Unitarian
is one of the oldest continuing Protestant churches in North America and the first to be governed by congregational polity, a central feature of Unitarian Universalism.

We are proud of our history and excited by our present.

First Church
Sunday Services 10:30am
Childcare is provided.

Our building is recently renovated and universally accessible
(with a full elevator).

We are a Welcoming Congregation!

Rev. Jeffrey Barz-Snell

Services and


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Please note that summer church services will take place at 10:30am this year.
August 17 Rev. Lilli Nye Preaching 10:30am Service
August 24 Rev. Clyde Grubbs Preaching 10:30am Service August 31: Labor Day Weekend No Service September 7 10:30am Water Communion/ Homecoming Service September 14 10:30am Service    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
August Preaching Schedule

Aug 17      The Rev. Lilli Nye, Member of the First Church, former minister of the Theodore Parker UU Church in West Roxbury, and current graduate student at Salem State University.

Aug 24      The Rev. Clyde Grubbs, Consulting Minister of the First Universalist Society in Salem, our sister church in Salem.

Aug 31      Labor Day Weekend, no service.

Water Communion/
Homecoming Sunday
September 7, 2014

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of a new church season.  This year on Homecoming Sunday we will once again hold a water communion as part of the service.  People of all ages are invited to bring some water from their summertime journeys and adventures, be they far or near, to share during the service.  We will invite people to come forward to pour their water into a ritual bowl and celebrate the many ways we are connected by and through water. 
Note:  A great way to bring water to the service is in a used water bottle or jar.  You do not need a lot.  For the absent minded among us (and we've all been there), we will have water and containers on hand.

Summer Giving

It’s a great time of year in New England when people relax and go on vacation and the church functions on a much more casual level.  Unfortunately, with no services in July and low attendance in August, giving decreases during the summer, but the invoices and bills still need to be paid!  Please remember the church with your usual contributions during the next couple of months so that we don’t have to dip into our cash reserves.  You can mail checks to the church, drop them off in the church office or send them via the bill payment service of your bank.
If you have any questions about any of these very important topics, please contact the Stewardship Committee at stewardship@firstchurchinsalem.org or 978-744-1551.



The First Church is a member society of the
Unitarian Universalist Association.